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Everything you need to know about kids brushing and flossing

Keeping your child’s teeth brushed and flossed is more than just a cosmetic effort — it has a huge effect on their health and well-being. Did you know that tooth decay is the most common childhood disease, causing children to lose millions of school hours every year because of dental-related issues?

We strongly recommend that not only does your child brush twice a day, but that you make a point of brushing your own teeth at the same time. Children respond so well to “sharing” an activity with Mom or Dad, and it’s important for you to be demonstrating healthy habits.

Twice a day, spend a few minutes together in the bathroom brushing your teeth. Show them the proper techniques of brushing the outer surface of their teeth along the gum line (using a gentle circular motion), brushing the chewing surfaces of their teeth (with a scrubbing motion), and brushing the insides of their front teeth (by holding the brush vertically, and using short up-and-down strokes).

Don’t forget to whip out the floss once a day, so your child is removing plaque and food particles from between their teeth and below the gumline! If they have a hard time handling traditional dental floss — which many kids struggle with — try using plastic-handled flossing devices.

Even if your child seems adept at brushing their teeth, remember that it’s not until age nine or 10 that they have the manual dexterity to do a proper job. It’s important to let them do it themselves first, and then swoop in for a quick “finishing-up” to make sure everything is well-brushed.

We’re always here to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about kids brushing and flossing, so give us a call here at the practice anytime. Happy Brushing!

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