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There are plenty of different ways to whiten your teeth, but did you know the fastest and most effective way is with laser teeth whitening?

This is the process of bleaching your teeth with the help of laser light acceleration — it’s quick, easy, and produces absolutely beautiful results.

During a laser teeth whitening session at our dental practice, we start by cleaning your teeth and giving them a quick polish. Then we use a “lip retractor” to give us plenty of room to work, and apply a special gel peroxide solution to your teeth.

If you're counting down the days to a holiday or special occasion, now’s the time to think about the convenience of take-home teeth whitening.

You can get a noticeably whiter, brighter smile very quickly — just by wearing a little set of trays while you watch TV, run on the treadmill, or cook dinner with your family.

How does it work? Well, you pop into our office so we can take impressions of your teeth. Then we’ll have our lab create a set of custom-made trays to hold the whitening solution.

Keeping your child’s teeth brushed and flossed is more than just a cosmetic effort — it has a huge effect on their health and well-being. Did you know that tooth decay is the most common childhood disease, causing children to lose millions of school hours every year because of dental-related issues?

We strongly recommend that not only does your child brush twice a day, but that you make a point of brushing your own teeth at the same time. Children respond so well to “sharing” an activity with Mom or Dad, and it’s important for you to be demonstrating healthy habits.

No two babies are exactly alike, and that means they’ll all get their first teeth at different times. Some babies are as young as three or four months, and others might not have their first tooth until eight or nine months!

Here’s a general guideline of when you can expect your child’s baby teeth to make their grand entrance:

Your child will get excited about choosing a kids’ toothbrush with Elmo or Dora The Explorer emblazoned on the handle, but it’s up to Mom and Dad to make sure it’s the right toothbrush for them.

They should have their very own toothbrush as soon as they have any teeth at all — so we’re talking as early as four months old, in some cases.

Before your baby has any teeth, wipe their gums with a damp washcloth after feedings. Once they have even a single tooth, it’s time to start using a toothbrush.