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Everything you need to know about your kids’ toothbrush

Your child will get excited about choosing a kids’ toothbrush with Elmo or Dora The Explorer emblazoned on the handle, but it’s up to Mom and Dad to make sure it’s the right toothbrush for them.

They should have their very own toothbrush as soon as they have any teeth at all — so we’re talking as early as four months old, in some cases.

Before your baby has any teeth, wipe their gums with a damp washcloth after feedings. Once they have even a single tooth, it’s time to start using a toothbrush.

Which one do you buy? Well, a kids’ toothbrush should have a round end, soft bristles, and be appropriately sized for their little mouth.

Use a pea-sized amount of child-safe toothpaste (that doesn’t contain fluoride, if they’re under two), and gently brush their teeth twice a day.

As your child gets older and their mouth develops, their toothbrush needs will change. That’s why it’s important to always check the packaging of their toothbrush to make sure you’re buying one designed for a child of their age.

Replace their toothbrush every three months, and also after they recover from a cold or flu — germs on a toothbrush could get them sick again!

If you have any questions about choosing the right toothbrush for your child, give us a call anytime to discuss it. We’re always happy to help you and your family.

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